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Road Rage Recovery – Little Man in a Big Truck

Because I can only share this important PSA in a Southern accent.


Reese’s Pieces Troll Guy, E.T. and True Love

When I was in college, an acquaintance set me up with her friend.  He was very sweet but didn’t say much, well, he didn’t say anything, really.

We went on a triple date (a BLIND triple date, no less) to the movies . To this day, I’m convinced the guy my friend set me up with was a living breathing Troll Doll. I know that sounds harsh, but seriously!

He was really tiny and had crazy hair and everything. I’m pretty sure that if he had lifted his shirt it would have exposed a gem in his belly button. That’s actually kind of awesome!


Anyway, he didn’t say two words to me the whole time, but according to the girl who had set me up, he apparently thought that we were a perfect match.



He wanted me to meet his parents.





Were you on the same date as me because I’m pretty sure that it was a Toy Story train wreck.


Show of hands! Who likes Reese’s Pieces? Everyone, right?


Well, Mr. Troll Guy  knew, the minute I got a pack of Reese’s pieces, that we were meant to be. So, if Reese’s Pieces are the basis for true love, I’m not a perfect match for who ever just raised their hand.


You’re welcome!


Wow, that’s a lot of options. I’m such a lucky gal!  While I’m fairly certain that Reese’s Pieces aren’t the basis for true love you have to wonder whom else I might be a perfect match for.


Do you know who else loved Reese’s Pieces? A special little guy named E.T… (Hence my video)