Movie/Book excerpt

I have been working on a project with similiar themes to the series 13 Reasons Why. I hadn’t even heard about the book.

My project  had initially started as a screenplay, and I almost finished it, but then my computer crashed and I lost a bunch of it. For some reason I  then started working on chapters, so maybe it needs to be  a book first.

I’m seriously glad that I watched 13 Reasons Why, because I think it helped me delve back into a pieces of myself I had buried deep or had forgotten  about. Maybe connecting and reopening a chapter of myself will also help make my project more than it would’ve ever been before. While I initially watched to see if I had to change certain aspects of my own project,  I was hooked and it resonated with me on many levels.   See the below excerpt from my potential book. Loosely based on truth.

Year: 1993
Kiki McNutly Age 14
Kiki stood self-consciously, with her arms crossed, barefoot she looked down at her feet starring at the tile on the floor at the pool. The pool smelled almost salty,  almost a  combination of stinky feet and  chlorine. It was super warm, even though it was freezing outside.

As she stood there waiting, for what seemed like forever, to get into the water with the rest of her swim class; She remembered feeling less naked in the same purple bathing suit at the water park, full of strangers a few months earlier. Her body had started to take shape, she was thin, yet curvy and her breasts were small yet defined. She didn’t really have an opinion about her body yet, just that she didn’t want to be in a bathing suit in front of her classmates.

Rob, a popular but super intimidating class clown pushed by her, grazing her butt, and then laughing in a snarky tone. Rob was also in her Freshman English class, he liked to say inappropriate things to her, and tell her she was ugly, and that she needed a nose job.
Drea, a popular, sports star sat in the bleachers looking down. She looked like a beefier, brawnier Brooke Shields, but just as stunning. Kiki could hear Drea and her minions screaming things down at her as she came back up for air, as she swam across the pool.

After class, Kiki headed to the locker room to take a shower.  She organized her Bath and Body Works Country Apple body wash,  and Herbal Essence shampoo on a ledge, and turned on the water. She reached for for the shampoo,  lathering her hair quickly before the water turned to ice.

Then the water at her feet splashed up at her. Someone was throwing things over the wall from the next stall. Of course, it was Drea instigating a cruel prank. Then hands started pushing and pulling at the shower curtain, Kiki could hear a mixed group of laughs, all sounding quite sinister.  Kiki still had soap in her hair, but grabbed her things and small bathrobe and towel to dry off quickly, afraid that Drea might open the curtain.

Kiki had already started making it a point to shower last, after everyone left the locker room, to avoid Drea. Even if Drea wasn’t swimming, and even though it meant missing the first half of 4th period.

Lissa, another student, who moved from across the country that year, and took a while to warm up to anyone, had met Kiki in Health Class.  Kiki had befriended her, but soon Lissa, who was mature, fashionable and rich, found her clique. Lissa had overheard Drea spreading rumors that Kiki was such a loser, that she never showered, still wet her pants and her bed, and sucked her thumb. Kiki didn’t think it was so bad, because of course it wasn’t true, but still, of course it was embarrassing.

Lissa said “I just thought that you should know.” Kiki didn’t like the way that Lissa looked at her, with sympathy and fear. Maybe she felt bad for her, but not bad enough to really stick up for her. It was more that Lissa feared that being associated with Kiki would also put a target on her back. She avoided Kiki as best she could from that day forward, even though they sat together in health class, they never really spoke again. At the end of the year another gesture of sympathy, Lissa handed Kiki a small school photo, and put her name up top, and a blank space in between where friends usually write a short message and simply signed the back with a bubble heart and just “Lissa.” Kiki heard through the grapevine that Lissa  was moving again over the summer.

Kiki started walking to class by herself, debating on whether it as better to skip all together. Then Drea came up from behind, slamming into her, sending her books flying in the air, and Kiki to the ground.
This whole thing had escalated because Kiki had class with Drea’s older classman boyfriend Rico. He looked like Jagger from General Hospital. Tall, dark and handsome. He was a senior in a freshman English class, and one step down from that class, you’d be in Special- Ed. He, like Kiki, wasn’t stupid or anything, probably just dyslexic or something, and he was nice, unlike Rob. Rico was quiet, and cool, but with one look could keep Rob at bay, especially if he got too rowdy or mean. Rico apparently had a reputation, but Kiki didn’t know what for. She dreaded the days that he didn’t come to class, which was often. Probably the real reason why he was a senior in a freshman English class. It’s not like they were going to be friends, and Rico obviously wasn’t attracted to her in ‘that way,’ he just chose not be cruel to her.
Kiki had made the mistake of saying goodbye to Rico in the hall, because she had spent part of the class helping him with the computer. Rob, sat back on his chair, raising the front legs, and said “Hey Brainiac, look at you, you should just be the teacher, except you’d have to wear a paper bag over your head, because no one can stand the sight of your ugly face.” Rico, gave him a look, and he backed off. After class  Drea walked up, snapping her bubbilicious and obnoxiously singing the wrong lyrics to ‘Jeremy,’ by Pearl Jam, so everyone knew she was coming. Kiki quickly  said goodbye to Rico, and turned away in the opposite direction, even though it would take her twice as long to her to her next class.

Drea was never nice to her, and she definitely didn’t want to witness the atrocity that was Drea’s public display of affection. Which consisted of; her sticking her tongue in Rico’s mouth, the minute she got close enough, as she did every day after class, at least on the days he was in school. Smearing her Wet n Wild Brandywine 666 lip liner all over his unsuspecting mouth. She  seemed to like to catch him off guard, even though she did it every day,  Rico always seemed shocked or suprised. Drea always made her  presence known, randomly lunging forward and taunting  those that she thought to be ‘losers,’ in the hall. Drea wore her lips outlined, but no lipstick or anything, and she was so tall, that no one could help but look at her mouth when she spoke, which I guess worked for those she was making out with, but one would have to wonder, if even Rico could tell you what color her eyes were.

As she went over to make out with him, Rico turned his face and said “Bye K!” Kiki didn’t turn back, but waved. Still, that set Drea off! The next day in swim class, Drea started with more comments, and  attempts to humiliate her.

Kiki pulled herself off of the floor , and started to gather her books, with her head down, as not make  eye contact or in Drea’s case lip contact.  Drea just stood gawking at her “What are you doing you loser?”

Drea continued with the insults for a minute, then she said if Kiki even looked sideways at Rico, ever again, she would take naked pictures of Kiki showering and post them on every locker in the school. She threatened to put them all over the faculty lounge, and in every staff members mailbox. “Who knows I may have already snapped a pic or two when you weren’t looking.” Drea snapped. She wore an expensive camera around her neck pointing it in Kiki’s face, setting the flash off, and blinding her for a second. She knew that Drea was nasty enough to find a way to do what she said she would. She was also charming enough to spin it to not take responsibility.

After that Kiki started to skip out of swim class, telling the teacher that she had her period every day for the rest of the semester. The teacher never asked, or sent her to the nurse, she just simply would answer with an uninvolved ‘ok.’ When report cards came out, her parents couldn’t understand why or how, she came home with a D in swimming. (a D, for Drea)




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