10 Things about Bad Moms…My review

Okay, so because people keep totally asking me “What did you think of Bad Moms?” “Should I go to Bad Moms?” “Did you like Bad Moms?”

My Advice: Choose wisely who you see this movie with. In retrospect my SIL and I should’ve NEVER invited my Mother. I could feel my Mother’s disdain radiating off of her, burning a hole in the right side of my face. I really couldn’t have an honest, unbiased opinion. I was left extremely disappointed at the end of them film. I’m not sure if it was because I brought my Mother, or because I hated the movie. TRUTH!


The thing is too, this movie is not for everyone. I repeat THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.


giphy (4).gif



It’s just not my Mom’s style or her cup of tea, and that’s what I should’ve done. Left her at home with a cup of tea to watch the Hallmark version of this movie. And you know what? That’s completely okay. What I thought might be a fun afternoon, was a little awkward and uncomfortable, but we had stuff to talk about, and I think we still had fun. Well kinda????

I really think that it’s important to get female driven movies made. I think it’s important for women in film. I think that going to this movie and contributing to box office sales was important. Women, mom’s, girls we need a voice in Hollywood. Even if that voice is a Fuck slinging, dick spouting voice…No? Others may disagree. Stating “Absolutely not! Women should want more for ourselves. They deserve better.” It got me thinking. What do you think?

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Serious, if you’ve seen the movie I’d really like to hear what you thought. I think that this movie had a lot of potential too, but I felt that the characters in the Hangover were a little more dimensional actually than the Bad Moms. Seriously! Man purse wearing, baby acquiring, and more developed!  Another comment I heard was “You can tell that this was written by a man. ” After breaking it apart I’m kind of not quite sure if these characters were more stereotypes or as developed, as the characters in Bridesmaids.  The actors in Bad Mom’s were however, on point!



So what you need to know…

  1. Don’t go in with huge expectations of what it will or won’t be, but just know that it’s RAUNCHY, and if you don’t like raunchy or the word DICK or FUCK for that matter. Don’t go see this movie. Don’t bring anyone that can’t handle that. Don’t bring anyone that would be slightly uncomfortable.

  2. Don’t bring anyone under the age of 18. It’s not a mother daughter date movie. Your 15 year old daughter will possibly be mortified, but more possibly scarred for life.


  3. If you’re a prude. Don’t go see this movie. If you have someone like that you’re considering inviting,  don’t bring them to the Bad Mom’s party.

  4. If you hated Bridesmaids or the Hangover you won’t like this movie.

  5. It’s RAUNCHY AF, No but I mean like soooooo RAUNCHY AF, like you have to reassess if the women you know ALL talk like this. Or if maybe you should let loose and incorporate more inappropriate slang into your daily diet? Maybe? Maybe not?

  6. Kathryn Hahn is the major stand out, she is HILARIOUS, but if you don’t want to hear her say Fuck, or talk about Dicks galore…like in every single scene…(even describing one, and uncomfortably using Kristen Bell as an example) don’t go to this movie.

    giphy (1)

  7. The message of the movie may have been lost under all of the other stuff going on. Or was it? What was the message?

  8. I’ve not seen any reviews by Mom’s, but men found it to be hilarious, and non-Mom’s found that they couldn’t really relate to it. That bothers me a little bit.

  9. It was kinda awesome. I’m not gonna lie. There were things in it that I was embarrassed for the actresses doing, but I couldn’t look away OR stop laughing. If you’re cool with that than you’ll probably like it.

  10. It is naughty, and watching it will make you feel a little naughty.

What I liked? I laughed A LOT. I mean like so much!!! Even when I knew that my mother was all like:



What else? It gave Mom’s permission to not really be “Bad Shitty Moms” but to be imperfect Mom’s, but Bad Mom’s is a more catchy title. In the beginning none of them were really “Bad Moms,” per say, but they all had their own struggles. They were sick of doing everything and it not being good enough, but it was really about how it’s tough to balance it all.

The movie was kind of  Mom’s reevaluating that balance of motherhood and their own lives, and not giving into societal or peer pressures. They did kind of become super irresponsible, and law breaking Mom’s, but after all it’s only a movie. Perhaps, more of a cautionary tale. lol

I guess they were looking in mirror at who they are as a Mom. Who they are separate from being a Mom. Maybe a little bit about finding out who they used to be, and either taking a piece of that identity back, walking away from it, or becoming stronger.

I think that Moms…Raunchy AF would have been a more appropriate title for this movie. Definitely pushed the R rating to the max.

A Christina Applegate sequel would be Mean Girls: Mom’s 

I think the movie was well intended to be all in good fun. It  gave amazing actresses an outlet to let loose, and kind of say “F it!” While, it was amazing that women were the leads in this film it still left me kind of confused on how I felt. ( I need a redo!!! Good thing there is a sequel on its way!! I’ll give it a go!) Someone would probably less than tactfully remind me that I’m not a Mom, so I couldn’t possibly ‘get,’ it.  I also loved that the supporting characters were women.  As women we need to be like the Bad Moms, say ‘f-it'(that’s  super important), and let loose once in a while.



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