Can we agree that…#GunViolenceCanSuckIt

Lets talk for a minute! I have a question for everybody for serious…


First of all I don’t think it matters what side of the coin you stand (or what side of the gun).  I think that it’s SAFE to assume, and we might even be able to agree, that #GunViolenceCanSuckIt. No?



So like I know that everybody has opinions, right? Lets get real, at the mention of a gun it starts a debate from Capitol Hill to Facebook. People are talking! People are talking about guns! People are disagreeing about guns!

So, yes opinions are like assholes and everybody has one, but I mean unless you’re a total asshole you can’t really feel like people dying from gun violence is cool? So can we agree? #GunViolenceCanSuckIt




Most people have feelings about guns.

I have friends who love their guns, friends who loathe guns, friends who are indifferent. I don’t disagree with the second amendment. People have the right to protect themselves. I like action films. As an actor I’ve always want to star in an action film, not that it would ever happen, because well I’m like the least athletic person ever, but I’m not talking about our gun culture right now.


giphy (5).gif

I’m not talking about getting rid of anyone’s guns. Not even if you have an arsenal of weapons because you are waiting for the zombie apocalypse.  We are just talking about one thing how #GunViolenceCanSuckIt

giphy (6).gif



No, I don’t want to sit here and debate that the Constitution with you. I don’t want to compare cars to guns. I don’t want to talk to you how the constitution was written in the 1700’s before cars and recalls were around. I don’t want to talk about their horses and buggy’s. Or recalls on toys when toys were more than likely whittled in the 1700’s, and probably would be recalled today. Or made of cloth and highly flammable. Or small and something a baby would choke on…We are focusing!! On one thing only!!!! How…





Lets face it though, there is probably a reason why there are a shortage of Gremlin’s from the 1970’s. People aren’t all beating each other up to drive one like it’s 1983 and they just have to get their hands on that Cabbage Patch Kid. I mean come on.  However, people are shooting people.

But, again we’re not talking about that…We’re going to agree on one thing.

Do you believe that Gun Violence Can Suck It???!!!!


#4. LOVE

I honestly have friends that love their guns so much that they’d probably frequent a strip club to watch a stripper robot completely made of guns.

Yet I think that although they’d be all up at that gun robot strip club,possibly receiving a lap dance or spooning the robot stripper, anything that goes beyond that point I really don’t want to know about. However, I think that they also are someone that can value HUMAN life. I still think that no matter how much they loved (we’ll call her Rifey) the gun robot stripper…They’d still feel that #GunViolenceCanSuckIt





Now that we’ve agreed that Gun Violence Can Suck It! I think that it’s safe to assume that we’re compromising. Which means that there is a chance for us to make positive change where we can all be a part of a solution…no matter what side of the gun that you stand on. This is good!!! Keep up the good work!




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