Binge-worthy Shows…

Ever since we got rid of HBO and I suddenly lost touch with Hannah Horvath, Shosh and the Girls. I found that I needed a few other TV shows or Netflix series to fill the void.

My picks…


  1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I totally just binged watched the entire second season, and I couldn’t believe that it was better than the first. The brain child of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, it follows Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, who was kidnapped and held in a bunker for 15 years, as she navigates life, love and New York after being rescued. The show has great cameos, and also stars Jane Krakowski as a wealthy socialite, Carol Kane as a crazy landlord and Tituss Burgess as Kimmy’s roommate.  While many comedies have subject matter with serious undertones, it’s all approached in a clever way, and definitely overshadowed by the hilarity. The essence of the show represents courage and perseverance, that even under the direst of circumstances, you can’t let someone break your spirit.

2. Younger


giphy (2)


One of my BFF’s turned me on to this and I literally watched the entire first season in under 24 hours. Broadway fav Sutton Foster stars as Liza Miller, a 40 something, divorcee with a teenaged daughter. After attempting to get a job in publishing to no avail, she reinvents herself as a 26 year old, moves in with her eccentric bestie (played by Debi Mazur) and lands a job as an assistant for a great publication. If you’re not watching, now is the time to catch up, as it’s going into its 3rd season.  Many of the shows’ central characters are women, which is so super awesome, but also has a great balance of men. It includes a pretty incredible love triangle: which may put you on the fence, twists and turns, and the added bonus for Lizzie McGuire fans everywhere, that Hillary Duff also stars in the series. The show has one thing that we can all relate too… the plight of aging, but more than that, how we sometimes need to reinvent ourselves after loss and life’s many changes.  While there is a bit of underlying deception in the series and really proves how a lie can unravel your life, it is also a bit of a commentary on our culture and it’s obsession with youth.

3. Fuller House


giphy (3).gif

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews of Fuller House, but for me I loved the trip back down memory lane and catching up with DJ, Kimmy and Steph. It was more risqué than Full House and a lot of fun. Let’s just say Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky are both hotter than ever. I watched the first few episodes with my best friend and her 9 year old daughter. It was great Q time and during a snack break my friend’s daughter opened up to me and asked me some serious life questions. It was a great bonding experience. Thanks Fuller House!!


4. Scream Queens

giphy (4).gif


Scream Queens is a combo platter of scary and comedy so I’m calling it a “scaredy.” From AHS and Glee creator Ryan Murphy it’s clever, witty and pays homage to many classic horror flicks in a playful way. Murphy tends to bring-on the scare and ultra-gore in AHS, and while the acting is amazing, and I of course appreciate the beautiful (and terrifying) make-up artistry, it’s too much for me.  Scream Queens is just right, and yes, I closed my eyes a bunch of times, but I was addicted and I couldn’t get enough. The wardrobe is outrageous. Emma Roberts slays as Chanel a rich, bratty President of a sorority. Keke Palmer stars as a sassy pledge and has what I call The Queen Latifah Effect: it’s just that extra special something that makes everything better with her in it. P.S. The original scream queen herself i.e. Jamie Lee Curtis is also in the show.

5. American Crime



American Crime just finished its second season and it was “edge of your seat television.” It was so good, I couldn’t wait for the next episode. It’s not only groundbreaking television, but it’s necessary. It’s an anthology so it was completely different from season one. I think we’re seeing a lot of series in their second season forgoing what is known as the “sophomore slump,” and really nailing it and  finding their voice. From creator and Oscar winner John Ridley, this season explored many issues plaguing our country today, such as the rape culture. In my opinion it also posed the question “are we a gun culture?” When the lead character Taylor played by Connor Jessup easily accessed a gun and scribes a hit list planning to assassinate some of the people who he felt wronged him.  The show also stars Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Regina King and Lili Taylor.

Other picks in 5 seconds or less…

 1. Grace and Frankie

giphy (5)

Grace and Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as the title characters, need I say more? The show has kind of an Odd Couple dynamic, as they end up roommates in a shared summer home, after their husbands not only leave them, but leave them for each other. Just watch it! It’s great! (Season Two live streams on Netflix May 6th)

  1. The Hollywood Medium

giphy (6)

Tyler Henry is a 19 year old psychic and medium. He can read your future and connect with the dead. The show follows him reading celebrities who he rarely knows.

  1. Who Do You Think You Are?


Celebrities go on a quest to trace their genealogy. It’s awesome!

4. UnReal


Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer star in this series on Lifetime that follows the action, antics and manipulation behind-the-scenes of a reality (dating) show called Everlasting. (Season Two Premieres June 6th)

Looking forward to binge-watching…

Lady Dynamite on Netflix.

If all else fails there are always the classics…


My latest picks #Reruns


  • Roseanne-casting gold! 

giphy (8)


  • The Nanny-never gets old! 

giphy (7)

  • The Middle-I am Sue Heck

giphy (9)

What are your binge-worthy picks?


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