Saying I Do (again) to my Big Fat Greek Wedding 2


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Saying “I Do” (Again) to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”

“What do you mean he don’t eat no meat?”

As many of you know while there is no shortage of talent, there is lack of roles for women in Hollywood, from actual roles to writers and directors. Vardalos knew that this was her opportunity to do something about it. The awesome thing too, was that there were great roles for women of several generations in the film, one of the lines ringing true: “we come from a long line of strong women.”


The movie had a primary focus of the mother daughter dynamic between Paris and Toula. However, delightfully beefed up, were the roles of Maria and Voula, reprised by stage and screen veterans Lainie Kazan and Andrea Martin. When asked if she had improvised at all, the ever funny Martin replied “You don’t need to improvise with her script. So I probably interpret it in a different way than maybe somebody else would, but that’s the script.”


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