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I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Kim Engelman who shops, dresses, and styles for TV shows and movies. We talked everything from motherhood, clothes, and life.

EKM: Where were you born?

KE: Right here in Los Angeles. Oh my! I’m not in Los Angeles right now am I?

EKM: No, you’re not in Los Angeles Dorothy. You’re not in Kansas either. #WTCT (Welcome to Connecticut)

KE: I was raised in Europe, and then moved to Orange County. I went to college in San Francisco, because this guy that I liked told me that I should move up there because I’d really really like it, and then when I got there and called him, he broke up with me. So, that didn’t go to well.

EKM: Oh no! So what did you do then?

KE: After he broke up with me that big earthquake came, and I was like this is not working out for me. So after I graduated I moved out the next day. I was over it!

EKM: What did you study in school?

KE: History!

EKM: So when you got back to LA you pursued your career in the entertainment industry?

KE: Yes, and I have been doing that ever since, and have met some of my dearest bestest friends doing this.

EKM: Do your friends ask you to shop for them?

KE: Sometimes, like my friend Eryn Krueger Mekash who has been nominated for like 20 Emmy’s. I always help her with her dresses. I help out with things like that. Sometimes, when people asked me to do things I think ‘do they really want me to tell them that they need a make over?’

EKM: She won this year didn’t she? Eryn Krueger Mekash?

KE: She did, and I went.

EKM: That’s awesome!

KE: It’s really just a comfortable world for me. There is nothing I’d rather do. I met my husband doing this. I kind of grew up around this because my Dad was Cher’s make up artist, so it was kind of in me to do this. I think that maybe that’s like it’s easy to me, but I’m not star struck by it or in awe. As a job I was cut out for it.

EKM: I think that it’s important to love your job, and you’re lucky if you find something that you love doing.

KE: I totally agree!

EKM: Every good interviewer has a signature question. I am still working on mine. Do you mind if I throw some questions at you?

KE: Oh that’s not what we’ve been doing? Lol

EKM: What’s your favorite lunchmeat?

KE: Turkey!

EKM: Or better yet a sandwich is being named after you. What’s on it, and what is it called?

KE: Toasted Nutella sandwich! My friends say that I’m crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside…and a little nutty!! I love Nutella!!

EKM: What would you call it?

KE: The Kimmy Kim nutty nut nut sandwich or Kimtella’s? I don’t know what it would be called? Oh, I’d also put peanut butter in the middle too! Yum!

EKM: If you could design your own shoe what would it look like?

KE: Super duper high, but not platform sole, I don’t like the platform sole, strappy, black, leather not suede, but it wouldn’t go above my ankle…

EKM: What would it be called?

KE: Ah Ma Ga that’s AH MA GA, AH MA GA that’s my shoe. Did you get Ah Ma Ga? Do they only come in black? I think so! You should google Ah Ma Ga! Do you have Ah Ma Ga?

EKM: Ah Ma Ga that’s amazing!

KE: And then in the summer they’d come out in Pink and they’d be Ah Ma Ga II or Ah Ma Ga Summer…

EKM: I believe that jeans say a lot about a person. Describe your favorite pair of jeans in vivid detail. What do you believe that your jeans say about you?

KE: Hudson Jeans, tight on my booty, and tight on my thigh. They flare out at knee. I wear them with super high high shoes, so makes leg and thighs look long and thin.

EKM: So you could wear them with the Ah Ma Ga?

KE: I could, and what do they say about me?  They say ‘boy that white girls’ got a big ass! Bootylicious!’ They say that I’m complicated, and not what you see.

EKM: Oohh interesting!  Do you have a signature dance move?

KE: Yes I do! (Demonstrates) It’s called Q-tip pick-up! I pick it up, and I move it, and I move it, and I pick I up…Do you like it?

EKM: I love it! Why is it called the Q-Tip?

KE: Because I’m supposed to pick up a Q-Tip with my ass!

EKM: Sounds like a difficult task!

KE: My girlfriend Eryn actually named it that. She’s like oh pick up your Q-Tip Kimmy!

EKM: I think you might be the funniest person I’ve ever met.

KE: No…

EKM: Do you have a hidden talent?

KE: I can touch my nose and move my ears…at any point of the day and note (demonstrates). I also do an amazing cartwheel, but I don’t think that there is enough room to demonstrate that here.

EKM: That might result in an injury please refrain! If time travel was possible what year would you go back to?

KE: 1542!

EKM: Extremely specific!

KE: I love King Henry the VIII. I think that I was part of their court in another life. When I was little we lived in England, and we lived a mile away from Hampton Court Palace, and I used to go ride my bike there on Saturdays. I would just lie in the grass like this, at Hampton Court Palace, and if anyone from the States came to visit I could give them my own private tour of Hampton Court Palace because I knew everything about it. Yup!!

EKM: What is your dream job?

KE:I don’t know, maybe I have it? I love my job, so that’s it!

EKM: Favorite ice cream flavor?

KE: Hate ice cream too cold…

EKM: Favorite Color?

KE: Black!

EKM: Who or what did you want to be when you grew up?

KE: Newscaster, but then I realized that you had to do a lot of work in journalism, and I was like forget it. I wanted to tie Angela Bower’s bow!

EKM: Favorite 80’s movie?

KE: Anything John Hughes!

EKM: Do you have an overused word or catch phrase?

KE: Yes, “I’m not worried about it it’s going to be fine…” People don’t like that, they don’t like that I say that, they think that I don’t care, but it always is fine nobody is going to die.

EKM: Well they might!

KE: Well, they might, but if their shoe is too small, they’re not going to die.

EKM: I agree with that!

EKM: Brenda or Kelly?

KE: Dylan! Both of those girls were whiny bitches.  Dylan had the best car…

EKM: He did!

KE: Right? He was just that skinny little guy, but you didn’t know because he had that hair, and he was so rich and forgotten.

EKM: What song is your anthem?

KE: I don’t have one! The songs that I like change all of the time. My anthem?

EKM: Okay, what’s your current jam?

KE: Happy! On my birthday this year I asked myself how would you describe yourself? I said Happy!

EKM: And you were one of the people who worked on Happy at the Oscars. So, full circle right there! Do you have a favorite quote?

KE: It’s my quote! Maybe I didn’t make it up, but I think that I did. Sometimes, I find out that I didn’t make them up, but I started it a few years ago. ‘Every job is an audition for your next job!’ I’m pretty sure that’s mine. Have you ever heard that?

EKM: From you!

KE: Do I say it a lot?

EKM: No, you said it once, and I really liked it. Let’s google it!

KE: I’m going to do a Keep Calm and Carry On type thing, and put it on a poster and see if it sells. Can you imagine? I can make it into a song too. (Sings) “Every job is an audition for your next job.”

EKM: Good concept, but maybe work on it.

KE: Yea?

EKM: Just a little bit yea. Work on the song, not the quote, now that’s perfect.

EKM: Lifetime is making a movie about you…

KE: Yea they are!

EKM: Who would you cast to star as you? (Beside yourself)

KE: Emma Stone she’s like my age!

EKM: She’s like 25.

KE: Okay, well then!

EKM: No, she can play you!

KE: No! I don’t want her to play me. Nicole Kidman can play me because she can go young and older.

EKM: How do you feel about plastic surgery?

KE: I love it! I’m looking forward to it. I have some friends who are mortified by it. They say things like oh, my children would kill me, and I’m like Oh, my family would take me! They’d give me a list of doctors and tell me you should check out this one, and we’ll drive you, and even pay for it, just do it…

EKM: Well there you go!

KE: I’m from Southern California it’s like a requirement when you live there it’s like going to college. #SoCal I’ve had 4 appointments to get my nose done and I’ve backed out each time.

EKM: I love your nose leave it alone!

KE: Next time you see me I’ll have a new nose, and a tight face and I’ll be like Erin I can’t see you…

EKM: If you could come back what would come back as? Since you’ve already come from King Arthur’s Court…

KE:  King Henry at Hampton Court Palace. Get it straight! I’d come back as a dog because dog’s are the best, and I’d come back as Oprah’s dog. It’s like the job that I want, to be Oprah’s dog, it’s like the best job on the planet. Right? Except for the one that choked on the toy that was awful. I think it was Solomon so besides Solomon any other dog of Oprah.

EKM: What is your purpose?

KE: Exactly!!! What is it?? To calm people, calm my mom, calm my husband, I don’t know. I think that I’m a good voice of reason for people in my life. That may sound egotistical, but I think that is what it is.

EKM: No it’s true, at least for me. I agree, you bring a fun and honest perspective to a situation too so I think that definitely calms people. What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

KE: Oh my god (AH MA GA) you’re going to have so much fun! It’s going to be fine, it’s going to be great. You’re going to figure it out. Probably don’t need to party as much as you did, but get it out. Don’t go out with Karl. Don’t make out with him.

EKM: Karl with a C or a K?

KE: K! I could’ve skipped Karl with a K.

EKM: If your friends were asked to describe you in 3 words which would they choose?

  1. Loyal
  2. Sensitive
  3. Guarded

EKM: What kind of candy best describes your personality?

KE: I don’t like candy! How about Turkish delight? Nothing! I’m not a candy person! I’m a shoe…Ah Ma Ga! I’d rather be a shoe than a candy!

EKM: How about if you could name a nail polish?

KE: I’d have two: Kimmy Kimmy Koko Pop would be a Bubble Gum Pink and would be for Summer and for Fall it would be called In the Garden of Good and the Devil and it would be a blood red color.

EKM: Do have anything on your bucket list?

KE: Travel, that’s my biggest thing. I would love to go to more exotic places.

EKM: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

KE: Here exactly here!!

EKM: Was this your favorite interview of all time?

KE: You know what? It really is! The best one ever! What is this 2014? Yea, by far the best one! For real-zies…

Thank you to Kim Engelman for an awesome interview. Kim lives in California with her 9-year-old son Charlie and her husband Ron.



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