When I was in Middle School, one of the clubs ran this Valentines Day fundraiser. They sold roses, and you filled out this form where you could leave a special note, for a special someone.  The anticipation was just too much pressure for me to handle. On the day before V-Day or the day closest to, the club would go around the school after hours putting roses, and the notes in the recipient’s locker. Hopeful that you might have a rose with a note that says Be Mine. Or not!


I kept my fingers crossed that someone would put a rose in my locker. All of the most popular and pretty girls got a rose in their locker. Or several! They’d be so annoyed that a boy that they weren’t into paid the $2.50 for the rose, or pretend that they were annoyed at the boy that they liked.


If they didn’t like the boy they’d be all like:


“Ew, OMG! What is this? I’m saving myself for Neil Patrick Harris or John Stamos.”


If they did it was more like:


“I can’t believe you; you’re so stupid, right now!” (Cue Hair Flip and subtle slap on the chest of their boy, or rustle of the hair if they were shorter

(It was Middle School).



I never got a rose in my locker, so I can’t tell you what I would’ve felt. I probably would’ve felt bad if a boy I didn’t like gave me a rose.  Also, it was kind of an overwhelming day.  There was the whole issue of the wrong rose, and the right rose, but what if your bestie who you exchanged friendship necklaces with the week before got a rose from the boy that you liked? Girlfriend say what? Chaos ensued! The screams of joy and elation in the hallway that morning, were followed by glares of scorn and betrayal. Hysterics in the girl’s bathroom! Oh Middle School! So dramatic!



It went like this:

“You are no longer my St End!”


“Well, you’re not my BE Fri!”


“Yea, because the Street ends here. Get it?”




“Save me a seat at lunch?”


“Yea, okay!”



It was not a pretty sight. So maybe never receiving a rose worked out for the best.


Now, as an adult when those words come out of my mouth Put a Rose in My Locker it sounds like I’m saying something of the inappropriate nature. I’d be okay with the right guy putting a rose in my locker. Hopefully, he’d know the combination.  See, I’m just going to stop! All I can say is John Stamos is welcome to put a rose in my locker anytime. Warning: if you go beyond this point it’s going to get out of control.


I hope that you get a rose in your locker this Valentines Day! If you want one! #CauseIfYouLikedItThenYouShould’vePutARoseInIt






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