Etsy Finds: Spare Bedroom Studio

originally posted on What the Flicka? by Erin K. Moffat

Looking for a special baby shower gift? These delicate treasures are sure to be something precious and unique.

The SpareBedroomStudio creates beautifully hand crafted eco friendly origami mobiles. The shop owner Caitlin Legere Fitzpatrick came up with the name because that’s where she creates her masterpieces (her spare bedroom)! Her only co-worker is a stuffed bunny named Truffles, and she can honestly say that she loves her job.

In college Caitlin could always be found with a reusable water canister in one hand, a book in the other, and a purse filled with Burts’ Bees. Always a creative and crafty gal and aware of the environment it’s no surprise that she’s created something eco friendly.

As a child she was an avid reader and crafter extraordinaire always making homemade gifts. She even formed her own craft club. She loved the TV show “Reading Rainbow,” and was especially intrigued by a book called “The Paper Crane,” by Molly Bang. She went to the library, checked it out, and taught herself how to make origami cranes. Now, years later, she’s using that talent to create something truly special.

For more beautiful designs visit


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