Erin K. Moffat
Erin K. Moffat

Erin K. Moffat is an actress, writer, and make-up artist with many years of experience in music, and the arts. She also enjoys working as an EMCEE, and doing voice overs.

Erin studied Theater/Acting with Emmy Award winner Ed Wierzbicki, and was a founding member of the New Zenith Theatre Company. She studied Modern Dance with Elena Rusnak, a student of the Modern Dance pioneer Ernestine Stodelle.

Erin had the opportunity to take several master classes with Ernestine learning; Running Study.

Erin worked as an Acting Coach at URock & Company, assisted with special events, and traveled with their competition team Rock-It & Pop.

Erin considers one of her greatest accomplishments to date as writing, directing, and starring in an original musical Bucket List of Unbroken Dreams: Erin K. Moffat the Musical. Erin is also a contributor for one of Forbes Top 100 websites “What the Flicka” created by Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives fame.

Presently, Erin is working on a number of different writing projects including several screenplays, a children’s book, and a book series. She also acts, directs and produces her own YouTube videos where she specializes in parodies.

You can follow Erin on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can view Erin’s entertainment credits on IMDB and her writing which is featured on What the Flicka? 


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